November 21: NLACi Concert

Welcome to another NLACi event. This time we would love for you to experience a portion of our Sunday service – music and praise service. Our Sunday services can be described as energetic, passionate and joyous. The NLACi is a family of believers and we invite you to be a part of this family. The event is not to showcase what we can do, but rather the atmosphere and love of being a part of God’s family.

The music experience will be held at the following address:

Helgerud Kirke
Sokneprest Munthe-Kaas vei 1

Please see map for more accurate view of the location.

The event will start at 6PM and end around 7.30PM. We would love for you to join our fellowship after the event. We will cater snacks and coffee/tea after the concert. Everyone is welcome and there are no fees. Just come with a smile!